Gardeners Diary August
Hot Tubs and Pools
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The Lawn

Lawns are parched and yellow from the hot summer this year, so set your mower to cut at least one inch high, this will ensure a thicker lawn.


Also we recommend Evergreen Spray and Feed - it's eady to use, just attach to a hose and turn on the tap to feed and water your lawn in one operation.
Takes 12 minutes to feed a 100 m2 lawn.
Greens your lawn in 24 hours.

Areas for seeding in September and October should be cleared and very carefully prepared, seeding can begin at the beginning of September.

Another problem at this time of year is leather jackets (the grubs of the crane fly). These grubs eat the roots of your grass, also badgers like to eat them and so dig up your garden in the process. A new solution to this problem is Provado Lawn Grub Killer, available at GardenWorld now.



Sow spring cabbage

Sow lettuce and spring onions for early salad.

Lift onions to dry.

Earth up celery and leeks

Lift second early potatoes.


Plant strawberry runners in their fruiting position.

Shorten young side shoots of cordon apples and pears to one third.

Cut out much two year old wood in blackcurrants.

Tie in raspberry canes after thinning to 5-6 per plant.


Continue taken cuttings of hardy shrubs, e.g. Berberus darwinii.

Continue to mulch around shrubs.


Sow hardy annuals, calendula, nigella, larkspur for next season in favourable site.

Plant bulbs of Madonna Lily, autumn crocus, hardy cyclamen, etc.

Take cuttings from geraniums

Plant prepared bulbs for Christmas flowering.


Sow lettuce in frame for winter use.

Sow cyclamen and greenhouse annuals.

Take cuttings of hydrangea.

Place indoor plants in a cool shady situation.


If you go on holiday, encourage a neighbour to harvest and use ripe vegetables.