gardeners diary January:



This Winter in the West Country the weather has been quite mild, so unusually the lawn may need a not too short cut. Normally though very little work can be done on the lawn this month, it is a good time to overhaul equipment, service mowers, etc. Avoid on walking on the lawn when it is very wet and during heavy frosts.


Plan the garden and order seeds. Start to sprout early potatoes 2 per tuber.

Prepare trenches for peas and beans.

Divide rhubarb crowns and cover some with boxes or buckets for early forcing.

Protect anything under cloches in frosty weather.


Check greasebands on fruit trees. Protect buds of gooseberry and red currents against birds

Spray with winter wash all established fruit trees. Prune apple, pear.


Prune climbing roses and late-flowering shrubs such as Buddleia davidii.

Prepare shrub borders or rose beds for spring planting.


Plan flower beds and order seeds.

Dig ground for planting in February or March.

Pot sweet peas singly if sown in October.

Plant begonia tubers and pot lily bulbs - both indoors.

Where necessary protect plants, e.g. hydrangea, against extreme frost by covering them with straw or matting


If possible give a temperature of about 50F, i.e. 10C. Seeds of half-hardy annuals may be sown in greenhouse or frames for later planting out.


Digging  of heavy soils should be finished by end of month