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The Lawn

Mowing the LawnFull-scale mowing.
If there is a drought raise blade slightly and leave the clippings on the lawn. Continue removing and killing weeds.

Clover can be very noticeable in June and can be selectively killed by special clover weed-killer

A light dressing of a good lawn fertilizer should be given in either June or July.

New lawns may also be lightly fed now. 

Pest Control

Click here for our special feature on summer pest control


Final sowing of stump-rooted carrots and peas, and plant cauliflowers.

Where early crops are cleared plant leeks, onions, Brussels and winter greens generally.

At the end of month bend over tops of onions to help bulb ripening 
Remove tomato side shoots.

Lift shallots to dry.


Early pears begin to ripen and if necessary a very restricted can be done.

Prune blackcurrants and summer-fruiting raspberries imm after fruiting.

Mulch trees growing against a wall.

Immediately all strawberries are gathered remove straw and weeds.


Clip evergreen hedges.

Layer suitable shrubs, e.g. clematis.

Cut roses with long stems - this amounts to summer pruning.

Half-ripe wood cuttings can be .taken from most shrubs cuttings of shrub and rambler roses.


Take cuttings of pinks and helianthemums.

Disbud chrysanthemums.

Continue spraying against greenfly and mildew: .


Prick out seedlings sown last month.

Start cyclamen into growth again by watering.

Pot freesia corms.


Weeding, watering and hoeing continue to be principal tasks.