Gardeners Diary October


The Lawn

Brown patch may appear this month, so if dead or dying brown areas are seen treat with fungicide.
Cut and tidy up edges for winter.
Remove fallen leaves.
Continue spiking and sanding.
If lawns are being made from turf, turves can be laid in any mild spell of weather between September and March


Final earthing of celery before frost gets severe.
Double dig for peas, beans, onions.
Harvest all main crop beet, potatoes, turnips before severe frosts.
Continue planting spring cabbage.


Take cuttings of gooseberries and all currants.
Basic slag can be applied to acid soil at 6oz per square yard.


Hardwood cuttings can be taken.
Plant deciduous trees and shrubs, including roses.


Plant biennials and perennials to flower next season.
Sow sweet peas in boxes in cold frame.
After the first frost lift dahlia tubers, dry and store in cool dry place; same with gladioli and montbretia.
Lift summer bedding plants and either put them on the compost heap if annuals or into cold frames or greenhouse if perennials and prepare soil for planting out wallflower, polyanthus and spring flowering plants.
Divide perennials, using strong outer shoots for re-planting.

Frame & Indoors

Plant indoor bulbs, keep cool and dark.
Bring in primulas, cyclamen and calceolarias.
Early chrysanthemums should be cut back and over-wintered in a cold frame


Gather leaves and stack for leaf mould.
Keep putting dead plants on compost heap.
Dig when possible