Gardeners Diary for September:

The Lawn

Watch April-seeded lawns for disease and treat with lawn fungicide if necessary.

A top dressing of coarse sand should be given and the lawn cut less frequently.

Towards the end of the month, forking and spiking can begin. De-worming is possible.


Plant out cabbages for spring cutting. Continue to earth up celery. Lift and store carrot and beetroot. Break-up and double dig new land for vegetables.


Clear fruit store before putting in the new crop. Thin out raspberry canes. Grease band fruit trees tp prevent insects crawling up.

Remove tips of gooseberry shoots if mildewed and burn them. Can re-plant strawberry beds with virus free stock.


Cut old wood from rambler roses to encourage new growth. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs.


Chrysanthemums for indoor flowering should be brought inside. Plant hardy lilies outside. plant bulbs outside for spring flowering. Continue to take cuttings of geranium and other bedding plants. Sow hardy annuals

Frame & Indoors

Bring in pot plants before frosts come. Sow sweet peas for planting. Prick out August sow annuals for indoor display. Pot bulbs for winter flowers.


Start new compost heap. Dig in green manure.