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Hillhout Salland Log Cabin
Hillhout Salland Log Cabin

220 Recommended Retail Price £1861
Our on-line Price £1548 (you save £313)

320 Recommended Retail Price £2144
Our on-line Price £1788 (you save £356)

Hillhout uses only selected wood imported from Scandinavia, which comes from areas with a responsible forest management policy. More than 65% of our wood has now been certified according to PEFC requirements.

Wood is a natural product and as such it is normal for there to be some differences in appearance. Certain variations to the wood can occur due to weather conditions and other natural phenomena such as dry shrinkage or cracks at the  end of beams, discolouration, resin pouches etc.

The Cabins
Hillhout cabins are supplied untreated, apart from the foundation beams, tongue and grove floor and roof planks which are pressure impregnated, so the application of a high quality wood preservative will be required.

each cabin delivered is a do-it-yourself kit with clear, detailed assembly instructions. Should you require and help with the building process please ask us.

The Salland log cabins have a front roof extension and veranda / terrace, a front width of 320cm and are made from 28mm thick wall logs, available in 2 sizes.

Standard Features:
  • Pressure impregnated foundation beams, roof planks and terrace floor.

  • Standard part glazed door swinging left.

  • Glazed opening window

  • Roof anchorage

  • Pressure impregnated tongue & groove floor and skirting.

  • Supplied untreated

Extra Features:

  • Gutter and drainpipe (set sold by single sides)

Dimensions for Salland 3.2m x 3.2m:
  • Overall external: 3.2m x 3.2m plus 1.25m verandah - The interior size is 25cm smaller than the external dimensions.

  • Ridge height: 2.34m

  • Wall height: 1.92m

Dimensions for Salland 3.2m x 2.2m:
  • Overall external: 3.2m x 2.2m plus 1.25m veranda - The interior size is 25cm smaller than the external dimensions.

  • Ridge height: 2.34m

  • Wall height: 1.92m

Building Instructions

For more info check out our FAQs

* Throughout this site the term ‘External’ within the dimension tables refers to the maximum external dimension. For the log cabins that have terraces, this has been included in that dimension. The 'Area' shown includes cabin and terrace area where applicable.

Hillhout Salland Log Cabin Size 320x220+125. Price: £1548.00 inc VAT
Hillhout Salland Log Cabin. Size 320x320+125 Price: £1788.00 inc VAT
Optional gutter & drain pipe set  for one side  Price: £82.00 inc VAT